Lens-Related Complications

There are a number of different lens-related complications that patients can experience. The most common lens related complication is secondary to a difficult or complicated cataract surgery in which the cataract surgery could not  be completed with one surgery alone or the artificial lens implant that was intended to be placed at the end of surgery could not be safely inserted into the eye.

Patients may also experience other lens-related complications related to ocular trauma, spontaneous lens subluxation or dislocation, or other congenital lens-related issues. In rare circumstances, an artificial lens implant may be malpositioned and cause irritation to the iris resulting in chronic inflammation, elevated intraocular pressure, bleeding, and cystoid macular edema with subsequent vision loss.

Dr. Warren has a special interest in the management of lens-related complications and receives referrals throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to manage these difficult cases. His preferred technique is to employ a sutureless scleral-fixated technique which allows for a natural lens position behind the iris and results in excellent outcomes with minimal recovery time.  While this surgery is not performed routinely throughout the community, Dr. Warren has performed over 350 secondary lens implant surgeries for both the adult and pediatric population.

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